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What our customers are saying:




The transactions for claims that process automatically are up to 97% of all of our transactions, which is roughly about double what we were seeing in our prior system.quote

Tom Theis
Director, Revenue Growth Management

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We can go to anyone on the Blacksmith team and say – this is what we’re seeing. They say – we’ve got to find a solution.quote

Julie Michel
Trade Settlement Manager



Blacksmith allows us to get a better handle on our programs and be more profitable. We can measure and analyze our dollars.

Scott Marquardt
National Acct Manager, Non-Commercial

Why is a software trial valuable?

If you've never worked in a trade management system before, it may seem daunting.

You might think you can't derive much value. We know you can. Let us show you how.

This TPM trial offers open access to our contract management module, which is the foundation of our full-service trade management application. Once you get a chance to experience the benefits of trade promotion management, we suspect you'll be wanting more.


Blacksmith Applications

Blacksmith Applications offers Solutions to Manage Trade Programs & Optimize Sales Planning

  • Foodservice TPM
  • Retail TPM
  • TPO & Advanced Analytics

Standing Apart to Address Your Needs:

We understand your challenges and opportunities.

We help you respond to opportunities faster by streamlining decision-making while maintaining accountability.

We greatly increase your efficiency with billback and deduction processing.

We offer a broad and deep range of configuration options to support your processes.

We share best practices from our experience with industry leaders to craft the most profitable and efficient trade system for your business.