Meet with Shelley 1:1

While Shelley works from home to flatten the curve, she's opened up her calendar to talk with you about marketplace dynamics.

Chat with Shelley today & ask her about:

• Baseline anomalies

• Post-pandemic analysis

• Ideas for effective 2021 planning

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COVID-19 Impacts & Insights from CPGs

Promotions are being mitigated and pushed because grocery businesses are already swamped.

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Amazon's Algorithm: Your Asset

More shoppers search for products on Amazon than on Google -- 46.7% VS. 34.6%.  Amazon's online dominance continues to impact the face of retail.

Winning on Amazon means delivering some unique offer.


Optimize for Profit with TPO

When you're trying to maximize trade dollars, optimization tools are helpful.

TPO's post-promotional analysis functionality provides Ventura Foods with the data visibility they need to drive better customer relationships.