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Our customers include 38 of the top 50 CPG manufacturers. We're confident that our solutions can help you control trade spend and deliver revenue growth!

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  • Manage Programs, Events & Pricing

  • Optimize Promotions and Retail Plans

  • Settle with World-Class Automation

  • Analyze to Gain Competitive Insights

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How we're different:

  • Our single solution addresses trade management, optimization, advanced analytics, and sales planning.

  • Feature-rich functionality meets the unique needs of both foodservice and retail businesses.

  • World-class analytics deliver data and insights with minimal involvement from your team.

  • Our team has a strong underpinning of CPG tenure from companies like Conagra, Pactiv, McCain & more.

  • We know how to run a smooth project and we've done it hundreds of times. You might say go-live or go home. We go live.

What our customers are saying about Blacksmith:


With Blacksmith's TPM, Smucker's has seen faster response times and has eliminated data accuracy issues. The improved reporting for trade claims has helped our team reduce our open deduction balance to an all-time low.


Tom Theis,

Director, Revenue Growth Management




Trade Investment ROI grew more than 16% because we achieved volume objectives and stayed within budgeted spending with Blacksmith TPO. Furthermore, the system was live and we trained all users in only 10 weeks.


Laurie Ross,

Senior Director, Global Sales Planning




Offline budgeting, is kind of like driving a car without the wheels. Blacksmith's budgeting function puts the wheels back on. They offer a complete package to manage your trade business, and it only makes sense to utilize the system to its full potential.


Gina Schupanitz,

Trade Systems Business Planning Manager



20,000+ users rely on Blacksmith Applications every day.
Here are just a few of the brands that trust our trade tools:

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Reinvent your trade spend approach, simply by choosing the right partner: 

  • We understand your challenges and opportunities.

  • We help you respond to opportunities faster by streamlining decision-making while maintaining accountability.

  • We greatly increase your efficiency with billback and deduction processing.

  • We offer a broad and deep range of configuration options to support your processes.

  • We share best practices to craft the most profitable and efficient trade system for your business.
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And the story doesn't end with trade...

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Sales Enablement


Manage customer data, pipeline, sales analytics, and more with our pre-mapped foodservice location-level data library. 

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K12 Collaboration


We've built the first brand-agnostic collaboration tool for foodservice directors and manufacturers. Get ready for bid season to be a breeze.





Virtual Shopping


Whether you need to test a new package design or a menu price, our virtual testing solution mimics real performance a staggering +90% of the time. 




Tech-Enabled Consulting


Got a big thorny analytics challenge to tackle? Our tech-enabled consulting practice can deliver the insights you demand without taxing your team.