About our Panel:

jen schiffman _ vp marketing



Jennifer Schiffman
VP of Marketing, Blacksmith Applications
Session Moderator


joel 200x200

Joel Cartwright
Product Management SME, Blacksmith Applications

  • 20+ years working in CPG finance and accounting roles @ Sara Lee, Sunny Delight, Kimberly Clark
  • 10+ years managing and developing retail trade promotion applications
  • Working with many retail CPG manufacturers in multiple categories

❝ Merchandising will change. Retailers want to see in-store marketing. The next "CPG holiday" is the 4th of July. What will promotions look like? ❞


kris mcdermott 200x200

Kris McDermott
Head of Ecommerce, Edelman

  • 15+ years marketing agency experience across client leadership and solution development   
  • Leads the development and deployment of Edelman's ecommerce offering

❝ New behaviors don't signal new intent. Many consumer buying decisions are being made on circumstance. ❞