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General Mills: Budgeting with TPM

General Mills summarizes their budgeting process with one word: transparency. With FORGE TPM, their foodservice sales team has the flexibility to go after emerging opportunities without overspending.

Russ Koshiol

General Mills

How Welch's and Solaris Paper Are Driving Growth With Accurate Baselines

Join Emily Saidnawey, from Welch's, and Dean Zuta, from Solaris Paper, as they walk through how they used accurate baselines as a foundation for growth.

Joel Cartwright
TPx Product Management | Blacksmith Applications

Emily Saidnawey
Sr. Sales Analyst-Trade Productivity | Welch's

Dean Zuta
Head of Trade Planning and Finance | Solaris Paper

How to Conduct An Effective Post Event Analysis and Apply Key Learnings

In order to plan effective trade spending, organizations need to have an in-depth understanding on how effective their trade spending has been historically. Learn how to conduct an effective post event analysis and then apply those key learnings towards strategizing for future trade spending opportunities.

Shelley Fow
TPO Systems Engineer | Blacksmith Applications

Building a Business Case for TPx

Find out what it takes to create a fail-safe business case for your TPx project. Whether you’re looking to replace a system or acquire one for the first time, you’ll need to craft a case that gets support from both leaders and peers within your organization.

Joel Cartwright
TPx Product Management | Blacksmith Applications

Software Conversion Change

Learn how to migrate systems quickly and efficiently with limited IT intervention, get tips on how to transfer knowledge among users to ramp up system adoption, and get executive support for the change.

Joel Cartwright
TPx Product Management | Blacksmith Applications

Executive Dashboards and Advanced Analytics for Foodservice

Join Scott and Steve for a strategic and tactical review of the insights and metrics foodservice executives should monitor to optimize trade spend.

Scott Poitevent
VP Strategy | Blacksmith Applications

Steve Thompson
Senior Consultant | Blacksmith Applications

Streamlining Trade Deductions in Foodservice

Meghan will show you that it is possible to manage deductions more efficiently and effectively with the right process and application.

Meghan Hoover
Sr. Project Manager | Blacksmith Applications

How Foodservice Manufacturers Evaluate Trade Spend

Learn how to evaluate your trade spend and trade strategy opportunities within your organization. Get tips for how to manage changes and encourage a revenue growth mindset.

Paul Wietecha
CEO & President | Blacksmith Applications

Advanced Pro-Forma Economics

It’s critical that you know the margin of every deal. Karen will walk you through application tools that generate a perfect P&L inclusive of complex interrelated deals and pricing strategies.

Karen Cullom
VP Product Development | Blacksmith Applications

Integrating TPM and CRM

Mike will present on the importance of integrating your trade promotion management application with your customer relationship management tool.

Mike Leiker
Business Development | Blacksmith Applications

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