TPM Health Check:
Diagnose Your Trade Challenges

Companies like Conagra Brands, KraftHeinz and General Mills have mastered their trade promotion practices. Download this 7-question health check to see how "well" your business is. It may be time to consider a new approach.

Are you experiencing TPM challenges?

The right system will deliver profit-boosting functionality and enable you to:

- Improve trade spend processes
- Reduce approval times
- See precise P&Ls in the application workflow
- Improve program accuracy
- Reduce unauthorized deductions
- Streamline and standardize operator agreements

Does Your TPM Process Pass the Health Check?

Effective Trade Promotion Management Leads to Increased Profits

  • Improve your TPM framework and boost your bottom line upwards of 10% - 15%.
  • Make your events more profitable with the three-tier structure
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