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For manufacturers to make a splash, they’ve got to stand out from the crowd. One of the biggest waves comes in the form of change management. Many organizations are intimidated by change; it feels like turning the Titanic…but if you’re not systematically managing and optimizing your trade spend and sales planning, you’re missing out. Finding success starts with strategy.

  •  Trade in Transition: How to best manage change with TPM transformation.
  • Amazon's Algorithm - Your Asset: More shoppers are searching for products on Amazon than Google. Do you have resources in the right place to grow your brand?
  • Ditching Deep Discounting: The story of one snack manufacturer who used post-event analytics to cut trade spend without alienating their retail partner.



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Past Issues:


March 2019  |  Issue 5

Why Jack Li of Datassential thinks companies need a master of foodservice data.

How Lactalis cut their open deduction balance by two-thirds.

Why it's time to slay your CatMan dragons. -& more

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Dec. 2018  |  Issue 4

How advanced analytics allowed one manufacturer to correct non-commercial deal profitability. 

Three revenue growth pathways that move your brand beyond retail.

The 8-step deductions management approach that will transform your business. - & more

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Sept. 2018  |  Issue 3 

Is innovation the final punch for big brands to knock out private label?

Getting in the heads of our Gen Z consumers.

Conagara's six-week sweep - How they implemented dynamic pricing approval in their TPM. - & more

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June 2018  |  Issue 2

Tackle zero-based trade in 5 easy steps.

How one manufacturer reduced pending dollars by 83%.

Why Steve Pattison, CFO at RSI, thinks synchronizing supply chain and trade management delivers a competitive edge. - & more

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March 2018  |  Issue 1 

Why Smithfield chose not to use SAP's TPM during their HANA implementation.

General Mills controls the cost-value equation with brilliant budgeting.

Is the end cap dead? Digital transformation is changing the classic promotion landscape. - & more

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