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Learn. Share. Connect.

Smoke Jumpers promotes thought leadership with industry events and quarterly magazine. It brings together trade management professionals across the industry with different experience bases, and poses questions on how to improve business.

What is Smoke Jumpers?

Smoke Jumpers is a group of CPG professionals on a mission to achieve trade spend transparency. 

The primary value comes from communicating as a community. The problems you have are shared by your peers. You'll meet the best  and you'll be much more comfortable tackling the challenges that you have.

Join the Community

Smoke Jumpers FAQ:

  • Membership. There are no registration fees for manufacturer companies who attend or subscribe to Smoke Jumpers.
  • Core Benefits. As a Smoke Jumpers you gain industry insight and education, plus unparalleled networking opportunities.
  • Smoke Jumpers is brought to you by Blacksmith Applications.